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The Discord experiments tab allows you to access features that have not yet been released by discord But beware, activating this feature is against Discord TOS, you are responsible for your actions
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All my projects
Discord discord logo Discord server
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Download executable
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All updates
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Watch memes on
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Social media with profile personnalization, and posts made without framework,
backend : php
client side : pure javascript
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If you need any information please contact us at [email protected]
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Learn programming for free with programming courses
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Generate embed and send them in discord
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Your personnal todo list
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Generate glitched messages
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Send messages to other users

Live chat application made without framework,
backend : php
client side : pure javascript
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Can you capture the flag?
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Learn how to use markdown to create even better posts
Useless Button

The most useless button in the world
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Shorten your long URLs for free with url shortener